The most comfortable pjs in the world

Discover the most comfortable pajamas in the world by Dagsmejan. Developed to meet our individual physiological sleep needs Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort and quality. Find your sleep solution and experience the ultimate sleep comfort. Dagsmejan feature both sleepwear for men and women as well as sleep boxers, sleep shorts women that don’t ride up, mens sleep shorts and night dresses.

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the comfiest pjs in the world

The best temperature for sleep

Fluctuations at night impact our sleep quality negatively, in particular our deep sleep phases are impaired and as a result we either wake up at night or we enjoy a less restorative sleep. If we overheat this can lead to sweating at night. With the right sleepwear you can beat night sweats and keep the ideal sleeping temperature night by night. Dagsmejan offers 3 collections of temperature regulating pajamas that ensure that you stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone.


If you have hot and cold body temperature swings at night then the balance collection is your perfect match. By combining beechwood fibres with NATTWELL™ technology this collection is 6x more breathable than cotton, 4x better at moisture management and 2x softer. If you are struggling with night sweats or look for menopause pajamas that help you to combat hot flashes this is your solution.

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best pajamas for night sweats


Too hot to sleep? This collection is the ideal solution for hot sleepers. By combining cooling eucalyptus fibres with NATTCOOL technology a collection is developed that is 8x more breathable than cotton and that dries in 1/3 of the time. It’s the ideal summer pajamas for women with a wide range of styles from playsuits, slip dresses, sleepshirts, shorts, t-shirts as well as long styles. For mens summer pajamas styles you can choose between round-neck and v-neck t-shirts, shorts and cooling underwear. the stay cool collection is not only great when the ambient temperature is high though, it’s the best choice all year if you tend to overheat at night.

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Best summer pajamas for men


If you are looking for lightweight, breathable warmth then this collection of thermal pajamas is your match made in heaven. Blending super-fine merino wool and breathable eucalyptus fibres these merino wool pajamas are 4x more breathable than cotton and give the same warmth as other fabrics up to 50% heavier. The merino wool is NATIVE certified ensuring not only that it’s mulseing free but also the overall wellbeing of the sheep.

It’s not only the ideal winter pajamas for women but the highly breathable merino wool make it the best warm pajamas for women all year around . The collection include long pants and long sleeves as well as dresses.

There is also a collection of mens thermal pajamas which include both shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve and merino wool pajama pants. Merino wool is known from outdoor sports and renowned not only for keeping the best temperature for sleep but also for it’s antibacterial properties making sure you feel and smell your best night by night.

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Top athletes and teams around the world wear Dagsmejan’s athlete recovery sleepwear to boost their muscle recovery at night. The fabric is made of botanic fibres includes eucalyptus, which is highly breathable, ensuring that you don’t overheat at night. It includes a mineral print which helps to reflect back infrared energy which can support the oxygenation of the muscles. As a result, you wake up with less sore muscles even after a touch workout session.

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If you are struggling with atopic dermatitis or eczema the Sensitive collection is dermatologically tested and clinically proven to boost skin comfort and sleep quality. The breathable natural fibre help you to keep the ideal microclimate on your skin and zinc in the fabric helps to soothe the skin.

Eczema pajamas women

Eczema pajamas women


exzema pajamas


Lightweight, breathable and super soft Dagsmejan is the ideal travel pajamas. The natural fibres are naturally odor-resistant so you smell like roses all through your trip. Easy to pack for your best sleep on the road.

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Regardless of your sleep need sleep well with Dagsmejan. Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to improve on our health, wellbeing, performance, ageing and mood so investing your sleep is really to invest in your self.